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About Me (Mark Howard)

I like to play games and live stream.

I love to create games for other to enjoy, and love to see others happy and enjoying my creations.

I prefer to be called Mark Moses, but you can call me Twitchbloxboy.

I'm young and willing to work with anyone who wants to support me.

My Career Choice

My career choice would be Software developer.

As a Software developer i would create programs for people to enjoy / Have fun with.

I'm interested in this career because i love to create games for people to have fun with and tools to help people complete their goals.

This Career would require an education level, I would at least require a Bachelor's degree.

This Career would require the use of proper employability skills on a daily, It would use teamwork, communication, positive attitude, willingness to learn, and thinking skills in order to keep the project moving in a positive direction.

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My Favorite Class In High school

My Favorite Class Is Intro to Digital Technology(IDT).

The teacher of the class is Ms.Brew

The class goes into Drag n' drop coding, hardware components, and html code. I have learned alot from the class and i hope to learn more in the near future from the class. I wish that soon we can cover C# coding language, but that may not be the case, it's a first year class 1 / 4.

My Two Favorite Standards From IDT

My First Favorite Standard is IT-IDT-9:  Design, develop, test and implement programs using visual programming.

My Second would be: IT-IDT-5:  Understand, communicate, and adapt to a digital world.

Sponsor Me

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Contact Info

  1. Name: Mark Moses (Twitchbloxboy)
  2. Email: mark@twitchbloxboy.com

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